Fun In The Sun Is Prepped For In The Off Season

Who doesn’t love a good day at the pool in the summer heat? Kids splashing away in the pool while you chat with a friend in the neighboring lounge chair.

You put your kids in swim lessons last year and they ended on a really good note! You noticed their confidence blossom and swim skills improve to the point where you felt comfortable with them swimming without you.

All is good, until it isnt. The lifeguard whistle sounds and your eyes immediately scan the pool to find the lifeguard pulling your coughing child out of the pool. We don’t like to consider the possibility of our children needing to be rescued by a lifeguard but the probability is a lot higher than we think.

The truth is, summer swimmers are prepped in the off season. Every good athlete trains year round. To train their muscle memory, their brains, and keep up with the endurance needed for their sport.