FAQ on Swim lessons

What training do your swim coaches have?

All of The Swim Advantage swim coaches are CPR/AED/First Aid certified for children and adults, are certified as swim instructors through Starfish swim instruction curriculum, and shadow teach under the Program Director for a minimum of 20 hours before teaching their own classes.

What ages do you teach?

We teach ages 6 months through adults

How old does a swimmer need to be to do private lessons without an adult/guardian?

Depending on the young swimmer's ability to be without their parent in the water, we can teach as young as 18 months old in a private class.

How many swimmers can be in one class?

We specialize in private and semi-private lessons only. The maximum ratio is 2 students to 1 instructor.

How deep is the pool?

Our pool is built for SCUBA diving, which means we have a large deep end. We do have a shallow 4 foot deep x 4 foot wide ledge that runs the length of the pool that is entered by concrete stairs at both ends. This is where we start our beginner swimmers, and once they are water safe we safely instruct them in the 9 foot deep water when they are ready.

Are there showers and locker rooms available?

Yes we have a men's and women's locker room with a changing area, toilet stall, and shower in each. There is also an on deck shower used to rinse off in a swimsuit.

When we watch our kid(s) in swim lessons, where do we watch from? Are we allowed to leave during swim lessons?

We require parents of children under the age of 13 years old to be present on the pool deck for the entirety of swim lessons.

For semi-private classes (2 students to 1 instructor), how are the pairings of swimmers arranged?

We do not arrange pairings for semi-private lessons, you are welcome (and encouraged) to pair up with a friend or family member of similar swim skills for a semi-private lesson.

How long and how often are swim lessons?

Swim lessons are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes long, for once or more per week depending on your membership type. Lessons are run on the same day, same time every week.
We recommend 30 minute swim lessons for children under 6 years old. Adults and older children benefit more from the 60 minute lessons due to their advanced attention span.

How long does it take for a beginner to learn how to swim?

Every swimmer is different. We would be wrong if we ever tried to give an estimation for this answer. However, when planning on a commitment to regular swim lessons, we highly recommend to plan out for at least 3 months of swim lessons.

How many classes & students are in the pool at one time?

We pride ourselves in giving our swimmers plenty of room to practice their skills! We only have a maximum of 3 instructors and 6 students in the pool at one time.

How do I know what progress I, or my kid(s) is/are making?

Progress report week is the 4th or last week of every month. We use our progress report checklist to mark off what the student has become proficient in during that evaluation period. Swimmer's earn skills badges for every individual skill & level they complete. During progress report week, lessons will end 5 minutes early so the instructor can speak with the parent/guardian regarding the swimmer's progress. When swimmer's level up, they can take a picture with our Level Up frame and ring the bell in a poolside celebration!

How do you teach your swim students water safety?

Safety skills are built into each and every one of our lessons. We get our students in the habit of asking for permission before getting in the water and making sure an adult is in the water ready to swim with them. We also have a heavy focus on how to get back out to safety if the student falls in the water. Water safety week is run every 2nd week of the month and during that lesson, we have a rotating curriculum that focus' more on water safety for that week. Students are encouraged to wear their clothes over their swimsuit to see how it feels to complete a self rescue in the event that they fall in accidently fully clothed.

Do you use floaties to teach kids how to swim?

No. Floaties should never be used as a learn to swim aid, as they are not safe to learn to rely on. We do use tools such as kickboards and barbells to isolate the motion of the arms or legs. Our students learn to swim with no help, and that comes from learning to trust their body and their skills.

If we need to cancel a single swim lesson, how do I get a makeup lesson credited to my account?

We require a 24 hour or more advanced notice via email, text, or phone call for any planned absences (vacation, events, etc.) in order to receive a makeup lesson. If an illness or emergency arises you are also credited a makeup lesson, with communication. The only reason a makeup will not be credited is if you/your student is a no call/no show.

How are makeup lessons scheduled?

Please contact us to schedule a makeup that will work with both party's schedules. We are happy to fit them in when we can!

How long do makeup lessons stay on my account?

Credited makeup lessons stay on the student's account for as long as their membership is active. Makeup lessons need to be scheduled on a day & time other than their normal weekly lessons. Unused makeup lessons become null and void if a membership is cancelled and cannot be used past the date of your last swim lesson.

What is required to cancel my membership entirely?

We require a 30 day or more written notice to cancel a monthly swim lesson membership. Without proper notice, you may be subject to paying the next month's payment.

Are there any enrollment fees?

Yes, we have a $60 per student enrollment fee per student that is due upon sign up. Included in this fee is your choice of Aquasphere goggles, and your choice of color for a Swim Advantage drawstring bag. Our skill patches that are awarded to our students can be adhered to the bag to show off their skills to friends/family!

How do I see what openings The Swim Advantage has for swim lessons?

We have all of our current openings available to view and book into through the MindBody app/website.

How can I schedule and pay for swim lessons?

We have all of our scheduled classes available for viewing on the MindBody app/webpage. Our program is setup like a monthly membership and we utilize auto-billing through the MindBody software.

What should I bring for swim lessons?

A swimsuit, towel, and goggles is all you need. We teach our swimmers to swim with and without goggles, so sometimes you may see us not use them or slowly introduce their use. There are showers available as well with shampoo/conditioner/body wash. Please feel free to bring your own if preferred.